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rapunzel's tower..etc.

been quite a while...

the first advice i was given upon starting a blog; "keep it fresh, up to date, new everyday. make people look at it everyday."
whelp, with some gentle urging from a well intended fellow barista(o?), and not to muthuh... i will bring you up to speed.
life is insane. i'm a woman, while this may seem enough to some, there's more.
the three little coconut heads i'm growing, shaping into fine little humans, quite quickly i might add. got a job, making coffee, with and for some of the finest folks i know. been there about five minutes in the past month, seems to come with the territory of the holiday roller coaster. count in one house, one hubs, a cat, a dog and two turtles....oh yes, cakes.
and cakes.
all in's fairly fast paced and fly by the seat of our pants.
i find myself tonight, with three seconds to spare, and my fingers on the keys.
i'm venturing into new corners of this culinary wonderland, learning and sugar scheming along the way.
i intend to stay on this wave, and keep you up to date on my adventures in cakes. call me buttuh, i'm hoping to be on a roll.